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Understanding the Essentials on AHAs

Alpha hydroxy acids are a family of molecules found in certain fruits. These natural fruit acids, also known as, AHAs rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells.

There are two parameters which determine the penetration and in consequence the efficiency of AHAs. The first parameter is the size of the molecule. The smaller the molecule, the deeper and easier the penetration. Glycolic is the smallest molecule among AHAs. The second parameter is the PH. A low PH allows a deep penetration.


Deep penetration of active ingredients

Most of the cosmetics lines containing AHA’s are actual mixtures of various AHA’s of big molecular size, therefore of weak penetration & contained in a high Ph formula (acidity). These lines are primarily hydrating or plasticizing lines but do not have any stimulating activity on the cells (keratinocytes and corneocytes) of the deep layers of the skin.

The EXFOLDERM line, on the other hand, is made of products literally penetrating and stimulating the deep cells.

Meet the Exfolderm Line

Regenerate Skin with Exfolderm 6, 9 & 12

The Exfolderm 6, 9 and 12 range is specifically formulated for skin preparation before a chemical peel.


Moisturize & Protect Skin with Hydretix

Hydretix protects, nourishes and moisturizes the skin in prevention of skin aging or in the immediate follow-up treatment of chemical, laser or mechanical peels.


Regulate Skin Color with DEPI-4

Melanin particles are spread all over the epidermis cells which is thereby responsible for skin color. Over the years as a result of the aging process as well as the harmful rays of the sun, skin begins to lose color and brilliance.


Purify Skin with Exfolderm Pads

Exfoliating effectively removes dulling dead skin cells, polishes and energizes the skin


Stimulate Skin Cells with Exfolderm Chemical Peels

Thanks to its pure, all-natural glycolic content and its ideal PH level, Exfolderm penetrates the deep layer of the epidermis, where it can stimulate the living cells. The Exfolderm peels are formulated with pure glycolic solutions of 70% & 50% concentration and are partially neutralized by ammonium.
- Medical use only -


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About CosmoScience :

Laboratoires Cosmoscience, based out of Geneva, has been developing products in the field of medical cosmetology (exfolderm), aesthetic mesotherapy (mesomedica) & hyaluronic acid fillers (dermyal) since 1994.

Laboratoires Cosmoscience is specialized in the research and development of non-invasive medical aesthetic products.

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